There are a lot of
car washes to choose from.
Why choose us?

From the moment you arrive to a Cruizer location your car is going to thank you. Value, convenience, speed, but above all quality is what sets Cruizers Express locations apart from the rest. We will see you soon.

State of the art technology.

Super fast and efficient.

Squeaky clean car every time.

Having a clean car is SO
satisfying, isn’t it ?

There is no better feeling than having the cleanest car in the neighborhood. Even better yet keep the shine going at a monthly low rate! Check out our unlimited monthly plans below.

We love your car inside and out

Every Cruizers Express Car Wash location is equipped with the most state of the art car washing technology available. Save money, time, AND help the environment by saving water. Once you try you’ll understand why Cruizers Express Car Washes are the best car washes around!




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