Cruizers Express Car Wash


Cruizers Express Car Wash uses state of the art equipment to deliver you an amazing exterior car wash for an unbeatable price! Soft foam brushes with specialized chemicals deliver superior cleaning, with turbo powered blowers to dry your car, and free self-serf vacuums deliver an amazing car wash.

What makes Cruizers Express Car Wash different?
Cruizers is the next generation of auto care services. Instead of the usual 25 45 minute wait at a full service car wash, Cruizers can get you in and out in as little as 5 minutes. Using the best car wash equipment available and a spot free rinse system insuring no water spots will be left on the car giving an amazing wash every time. Every wash comes with the use of powerful self-serve vacuums to clean the interior of your car.
How do you dry my car?
Our custom turbo powered dryers dries your vehicle without ever having to touch the car. However if you want to give your car some extra care feel free to bring along a towel to use in our vacuum area.
Do you clean the inside of my car?
Cruizers Express Car Wash focuses on the exterior of your car, but offered with every wash is the use of free self-serve vacuums. We do offer auto detailing services that can provide complete cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.
Is Cruizers Express safe for the environment?
Yes, washing your car in a professional car wash is the best way to conserve water and protect the environment. By using state of the art equipment, Cruizers is able to reclaim and recycle the water used in each wash. Cruizers uses bio-degradable chemicals that are friendly to the environment.
What types of cars can you wash?
Cruizers can wash almost any car, up to 84 inches high. Certain cars like dual wheel trucks do not meet the requirements, and are not recommended to go through the wash.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards as well as cash transactions. Our friendly cashier will assist you with payment and wash choice. If you are a member of our monthly unlimited program we will scan your id tag.